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You'll find the top 100 baby names for 1969 below.

Top 100 Baby Names for 1969

Rank Male name Female name
1Michael Lisa
2David Michelle
3James Jennifer
4John Kimberly
5Robert Melissa
6William Amy
7Christopher Angela
8Mark Mary
9Brian Tammy
10Richard Laura
11Jeffrey Susan
12Scott Julie
13Thomas Karen
14Steven Christine
15Joseph Kelly
16Kevin Elizabeth
17Timothy Tracy
18Daniel Patricia
19Charles Stephanie
20Anthony Lori
21Eric Dawn
22Paul Tina
23Kenneth Cynthia
24Matthew Pamela
25Jason Sandra
26Gregory Donna
27Stephen Deborah
28Todd Rebecca
29Ronald Wendy
30Donald Michele
31Patrick Shannon
32Edward Teresa
33Andrew Linda
34Douglas Heather
35Gary Denise
36Keith Sharon
37Sean Christina
38George Brenda
39Craig Barbara
40Larry Maria
41Shawn Cheryl
42Troy Kathleen
43Peter Debra
44Dennis Rhonda
45Jerry Nancy
46Jonathan Robin
47Frank Nicole
48Jeffery Andrea
49Rodney Theresa
50Raymond Paula
51Bryan Jill
52Terry Stacey
53Bradley Stacy
54Tony Tonya
55Randy Carol
56Jose Sherry
57Russell Ann
58Corey Catherine
59Roger Dana
60Darren Monica
61Aaron Diane
62Carl Jacqueline
63Marc Gina
64Samuel Leslie
65Gerald Tracey
66Chris Kim
67Jon Renee
68Johnny Sheila
69Vincent Rachel
70Chad Katherine
71Lawrence Carolyn
72Bruce Sarah
73Danny Margaret
74Phillip Cindy
75Wayne Suzanne
76Alan Kathy
77Billy Kristin
78Jimmy Tamara
79Martin Laurie
80Curtis Diana
81Joel Heidi
82Bobby Beth
83Joe Victoria
84Randall Janet
85Walter Valerie
86Philip Regina
87Shane Holly
88Glenn Deanna
89Dean Melinda
90Ricky Carla
91Benjamin Tanya
92Brent Melanie
93Darrell Terri
94Brett Carrie
95Jay Jodi
96Dale Kristen
97Arthur April
98Steve Yolanda
99Willie Julia
100Barry Anna
Note: Rank 1 is the most popular, rank 2 is the next most popular, and so forth.

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