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You'll find the top 100 baby names for 1964 below.

Top 100 Baby Names for 1964

Rank Male name Female name
1Michael Lisa
2John Mary
3David Susan
4James Karen
5Robert Patricia
6Mark Kimberly
7William Donna
8Richard Linda
9Thomas Cynthia
10Jeffrey Tammy
11Joseph Pamela
12Steven Deborah
13Kevin Sandra
14Scott Laura
15Timothy Lori
16Paul Julie
17Charles Elizabeth
18Kenneth Brenda
19Daniel Barbara
20Brian Sharon
21Anthony Teresa
22Gregory Angela
23Christopher Michelle
24Ronald Debra
25Donald Denise
26Gary Nancy
27Edward Robin
28Todd Christine
29Stephen Cheryl
30Patrick Kathleen
31Douglas Jennifer
32Eric Diane
33George Dawn
34Keith Tina
35Terry Kelly
36Larry Carol
37Andrew Jacqueline
38Randy Theresa
39Peter Kathy
40Jerry Tracy
41Frank Maria
42Dennis Kim
43Matthew Rhonda
44Raymond Amy
45Jeffery Paula
46Bruce Rebecca
47Mike Cindy
48Craig Janet
49Roger Margaret
50Tony Sherry
51Steve Sheila
52Jeff Debbie
53Alan Melissa
54Ricky Catherine
55Carl Carolyn
56Danny Wendy
57Troy Stephanie
58Russell Michele
59Rodney Laurie
60Gerald Ann
61Wayne Jill
62Joe Terri
63Martin Diana
64Vincent Connie
65Chris Beth
66Randall Valerie
67Phillip Suzanne
68Lawrence Annette
69Barry Janice
70Bryan Dana
71Billy Renee
72Dale Lynn
73Bobby Leslie
74Johnny Judy
75Curtis Cathy
76Philip Anne
77Bradley Andrea
78Jimmy Carla
79Jon Gina
80Walter Wanda
81Glenn Darlene
82Tim Katherine
83Jonathan Regina
84Jay Kathryn
85Dean Anita
86Samuel Sherri
87Darryl Joyce
88Shawn Christina
89Arthur Bonnie
90Roy Monica
91Willie Beverly
92Henry Sarah
93Allen Jane
94Jose Colleen
95Greg Martha
96Darrell Penny
97Victor Anna
98Harold Judith
99Jack Joan
100Albert Jean
Note: Rank 1 is the most popular, rank 2 is the next most popular, and so forth.

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